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- Proverbs 3:5-6
February 2024
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Valley Recovery Center Announces New, Returning Programs for Clients and Staff
By Claire Natale - Wednesday Nov 29, 2023
Scottsdale Recovery Center is excited to announce it has launched several new programs and services for clients in recovery, their families and staff members.

Since Saturday, Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and every Saturday after, SRC will begin to host its Family Workshop again for loved ones of clients in recovery. During the workshops, participants will work on themselves, their goals, and how to support their loved ones on their journey to sobriety. Facilitators will share their experiences and insights to support family members and friends while they process the impact and devastation that alcohol and drug addiction can have on a loved one. Weekly Family Workshop modules include addiction education, recovery thinking, communication, boundaries, healthy relationships, relapse prevention, self-efficacy and self-trust, and rediscovering life through recovery.

“We know through years of experience that participation in family workshops is a critical component of successful recovery,” said Aymet Demara, associate clinical director. “Because of this, we have built out a comprehensive, interactive and educational series that we believe is instrumental in our successful recovery rates.”

New to SRC is 33 Degrees Recovery Coaching and Peer Support, a proactive approach to relapse prevention. 33 Degrees helps clients form a clear, achievable plan using a recovery capital blueprint and wellness plan, which helps to track and measure what tools are needed for long-term recovery and are designed specifically for the individual's recovery needs. 33 Degrees coaches will become healthy, positive sober advocates and mentors for clients. If a client feels overwhelmed by the process of transferring into a new sober lifestyle, the coach is there. If clients are having trouble finding a sober support network, their coach is there. Over time, clients will master these healthy habits on their own and be able to forge their path forward. Clients participating in this program have successfully completed an average of more than seven months of sobriety.

SRC also introduced a new facet to its Native American Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program: a newly built sweat lodge located at the company’s Miller Center, a behavioral health residential facility licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and Joint Commission-accredited. Sweat lodges are dome-shaped structures used by Indigenous peoples during certain purification rituals and as a way to promote healthy living. The Native American Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program addresses the unique dynamics associated with Indigenous clients such as limited access to transportation, spirituality and access to cultural/religious practices, housing and environmental influences, financial literacy, educational and occupational opportunities.

SRC is comprised of six facilities that provide drug and alcohol treatment services to those struggling with behavioral health, co-occuring and substance abuse disorders. For more information about SRC’s services, please visit or follow the center on

About Scottsdale Recovery Center
Since 2009, Scottsdale Recovery Center serves the needs of people locally and nationwide searching for a successful solution to remove active alcohol, opioid, cocaine and other addictions to enjoy the benefits of living drug-free. With four facilities in the greater Phoenix - Scottsdale area, SRC continues to set the standard of Detox, Inpatient, Residential, Intensive Outpatient, and Sober Living services. Scottsdale Recovery Center is a trusted resource, locally and nationally, to the public, health care providers, and media outlets seeking knowledge to support their investigations and bring addiction industry awareness needed to save lives. Visit Scottsdale Recovery Center for more information or call 1-888-NODRUGS.

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