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"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
- Proverbs 3:5-6
December 2023
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U.S. Money Reserve Donates $50,000 To Kick off Fundraising Campaign For Critically Injured Company Vendor
By Lisa Padilla - Saturday Mar 04, 2023
U.S. Money Reserve will donate $50,000 as a part of a GoFundMe campaign launched to help cover medical costs in the treatment of Doug Cordano, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based registered nurse and longtime partner of USMR who is in critical condition after being shot several times last month.

On Feb. 18, Mr. Cordano, an RN with a Scottsdale-based intravenous therapy treatment provider, was heading to a client's home on Happy Valley Road for a house call. There, while in his car preparing to grab his equipment for the appointment, a gunman shot Mr. Cordano almost point-blank eight times, with four bullets penetrating Mr. Cordano's head and one entering his left shoulder. He is in critical condition at a local Hospital, where he is being treated for extremely life-threatening issues with his heart and lungs.

"Doug has become a part of the USMR family since beginning monthly visits to our Scottsdale office for IV treatments for some of our staff, so I was devastated to hear the tragic news of the shooting and his hospitalization," Roberts said. "It's heartening to see how so many people have rallied behind Doug and his family to provide support by any means possible. We do what we can for those in need because that's what the human spirit is all about."

The suspected gunman aimed to injure a different person the day Mr. Cordano was shot, said Scottsdale police. The client to whom Mr. Cordano was scheduled to provide an IV treatment on Feb. 18 manages a business dealing with mortgages and foreclosures and has received threats as a result. Police said the suspect arrested in connection with the shooting was among a list of people who in the past six months had their homes foreclosed by the business and had made veiled threats.

Mr. Cordano is uninsured and, given the severity of his injuries, doctors say his medical bills are expected to rise into the seven-figure range.

Mr. Cordano has been in nursing for almost 15 years. Much of his career until recent years was spent in the NICU, where he worked with premature babies and developed his gentle touch for IV insertions. While he loved his time in the NICU, IV therapy has been the most exciting period of Mr. Cordano's nursing career, providing him an opportunity to work with long-time clients at their homes and businesses on a daily basis to develop holistic approaches to health and wellness. In his free time, he plays drums, snowboards, works out, and games.

Mr. Cordano has three children over the age of 18, and a 9-year-old stepson. Last year, he proposed to his girlfriend of eight years. They planned to wed later this year.

"We hope our donation inspires other Scottsdale-area businesses, and people everywhere, to contribute to the GoFundMe campaign we have launched to ensure Doug can get the life-saving care he needs to return to his fiancée, family, and friends," Roberts said.

To donate to the GoFundMe campaign launched by USMR to help cover Mr. Cordano's medical bills, please visit:

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