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- Proverbs 3:5-6
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The CORE Institute Offering Orthopedic Urgent Care to Aid in Community Access During COVID-19 Crisis
By sharda veeramally - Tuesday Mar 24, 2020
The CORE Institute has announced that it will now be providing orthopedic urgent care services at their Phoenix area locations in order to help ease the burden that is likely to be placed on emergency rooms, urgent care centers and hospitals in the coming weeks as they brace for an influx of new patients with COVID-19 related symptoms.

Please visit their website for hours of operation. The locations are equipped with onsite X-Ray, casting, splinting and suture kits and are staffed by the area’s top orthopedic specialists. Additionally, telemedicine options will be available soon for those wanting to receive care from their home.

As Arizona has begun to see businesses encouraging employees to work from home, school closings and residents modifying their fitness routines, the likelihood for orthopedic injuries and need for orthopedic care in the community shows no signs of diminishing. However, what is likely to diminish is the capability for hospitals and their emergency rooms and urgent care centers to allocate resources to orthopedic conditions.

“As part of our continued commitment to our community we felt it our obligation, both to the residents of the Phoenix area and the local hospital systems, to offer our services in the most beneficial way possible in this time of need,” said CEO of The CORE Institute, Dr. David Jacofsky. “As the number of COVID-19 cases is likely to grow, the emergency rooms and the hospitals will need to dedicate more time, specialists, equipment and beds to these patients. We want to make sure we free up these hospitals to let them do what they do best. By treating patients with orthopedic needs in our clinics and not in the hospital emergency rooms, we can help them conserve these invaluable resources and simultaneously protect patients.”

The CORE Institute’s expert team will treat all orthopedic and sports injuries and also offer onsite bracing, splinting and casting.

For more information visit,