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March 2024
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Stenson Tamaddon Acquires Research and Development Tax Services Firm
By Claire Natale - Monday Feb 20, 2023
Stenson Tamaddon, a specialty tax firm, is excited to announce the acquisition of Ilija Huljev and Huljev & Associates as it expands its efforts in the research and development tax space. Ilija Huljev joins Stenson Tamaddon as the new managing director of research and development tax services and is a recognized leader in the tax space with proficiency in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Ilija Huliev joins the tax firm with several years of experience. As Huljev steps into his new role he expressed excitement for the new partnership that will bring awareness to tax credits available for small businesses across the country.

“With years of experience in this space, we look forward to implementing our expertise to expand Stenson Tamaddon’s footprint in research and development tax services,” said Huljev. “This service is dedicated to funding organizations for their efforts as they contribute to research and development activities. Many organizations are unaware of the tax credits they earn – we hope to change that.”

Huljev Associates is based in New York City and brings a significant amount of R&D specialty tax experience with hundreds of long-time clients across the US.

“We look forward to welcoming Ilija and Huljev & Associates,” said Eric Stenson, partner at Stenson Tamaddon. “As Stenson Tamaddon pivots into research and development tax credit services, this partnership gives us an opportunity to create a footprint in the global hub of business and commerce, further establishing us as a national provider of specialty tax solutions and technology.”

The research and development tax credit helps businesses retrieve dollar for dollar reductions in their company’s tax liabilities for research and experimental efforts that support the creation and distribution of new products and services. Stenson Tamaddon works to ensure businesses have assistance in completion of tax forms maximizing the greatest return in compliance with federal guidelines.
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Stenson Tamaddon

Stenson Tamaddon is a tax service company offering technology-enabled financial solutions that provide accurate, compliant, and hassle-free tax credit filings. The company was founded by a team of finance and tax experts who saw the need to provide tax solutions clearly and effectively for businesses and eliminate the middlemen typically required to file for tax credits and stimulus programs. Offering tax services that provide peace of mind for every business type, StenTam helps companies maximize incentives while providing maximized compliance with maximum care. For more information, visit