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- Proverbs 3:5-6
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Scottsdale Photographer Bill Pack Showcases Exhibition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
By Michelle Talsma Everson - Monday Nov 06, 2023
Bill Pack, a distinguished visual creator, director, and photographer, is showcasing his artistry at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. His ‘Painting with Light’ photography collection, currently on display, visually represents his passion for automotive art and design and his artistic journey. The exhibition mirrored Pack’s book, Epic Drama, that captures 34 Indy 500-winning cars through his unique method of photography.

“The concept of 'Painting With Light' is not entirely new and traces its roots back to the earliest days of studio photography,” says Bill Pack. “However, what I've done over the years is meticulously refine and adapt this technique to achieve unparalleled mastery over my lighting.”

Unlike the standardized 'big-box' lighting that dominates traditional commercial car photography, Pack's method transforms the car from a mere mechanical entity into an artistic masterpiece. This technique draws inspiration from the dramatic chiaroscuro styles reminiscent of painters like Caravaggio. By carefully orchestrating light, shadow, and texture, Pack's work immerses viewers in a world where each image tells a compelling narrative.

“Lighting is everything and is nothing short of magical,” says Pack. “It invites you to actively discover and see the car from a different point of view. These are the images that will long resonate with viewers long after they are seen.”

His work has led to collaborations and conversations with luminaries like Roger Penske, Jay Leno, and Mohammed Ben Sulayem, as well as private collectors worldwide. Pack's artistry has also been celebrated at prestigious Concours events like Amelia Island and Pebble Beach, taking him to picturesque locations in Paris and the UK.

“I’m thrilled to share a special project that’s currently underway. My creative collaborator and I have been commissioned to create a bespoke book detailing part of Roger Penske's exclusive car collection. It's truly an honor and privilege to work closely with such an eminent figure like Roger on this endeavor,” says Pack.

Pack’s work goes beyond mere photography, transcending into the realm of fine art. For interior designers, integrating Pack's artwork into a space instills a sense of movement, history, and passion. His pieces can act as a focal point in a room and serve as a perfect complement, adding a layer of richness and depth. His work encourages designers to think outside the box, pushing the boundaries of traditional art placement and inviting conversation and admiration.

Pack's career in automotive photography began with an emphasis on advertising, collaborating with clients such as Apple Computer, Del Monte Foods, Visa, and others. Over time, his distinctive approach to lighting and design became the foundation of his automotive imagery. In 2015, Pack's focus shifted exclusively to post-war cars from the 1950s and 1960s, particularly the Italian V12s. This inspired the name of his company, 'V12 Enterprises,' reflecting his unique perspective on cars as pieces of art and design.

Pack’s work has also won several advertising awards at the San Francisco Show, the Communication Arts Magazine award for his current automotive work, a Gold ADDY Award for his Phoenix Art Museum book “Legends of Speed”. Pack also had the opportunity to showcase his photography during a social media takeover of the Smithsonian Magazine’s Instagram platform for a week.

Early next year, Pack's latest artistic work will be featured at the 'Celebration of Fine Art Scottsdale,' offering art enthusiasts a chance to experience his distinctive car photography. For more information on Bill Pack and private art commissions, visit or contact