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Sanctuary Bail Bonds Celebrates 10 Years of Excellent Customer Service
By Melody Pierce - Tuesday Jan 19, 2021
In 2010, Tom Cerino and Randy Feldman founded Sanctuary Bail Bonds while working within the restaurant/hospitality industry. Friends and business partners for several years, Cerino and Feldman were approached to take their hospitality knowledge and inject their business model into a field that normally does not focus on hospitality — the bail industry. Sanctuary Bail Bonds works to reverse the stigma of the aggressive bail bonds industry and put customer service first.
There are laws for bail bonds, but the bar is low for customer service and regulations. By taking the knowledge gained from years of customer service within the hospitality industry and coupling that with the expertise behind bail bonds, Sanctuary Bail Bonds was born out of absolute necessity.

“Sanctuary Bail Bonds created a standard of service and it is our staff who continue to meet and exceed all expectations,” said Founder Tom Cerino. “Because of that we are able to celebrate 10 years of service and look forward to many more in the future.”

Sanctuary Bail Bonds’ strong focus on customer service has resulted in phenomenal customer relations, which even branches across to attorneys and those involved in the legal process. Attorneys have included Sanctuary Bail Bonds as a part of their services, which is achieved by the high standard of service. Sanctuary Bail Bonds is considered as one of the most professional and highly recommended companies in the bail bonds industry, and that reputation is maintained by the incredible staff.
Starting in an 800 square-foot office in Glendale, Arizona, Sanctuary Bail Bonds sought to take care of the person first. Where the standard of care had once been so low, SBB presented a new approach to the bail bond industry and has never looked back. Ten years later, Sanctuary Bail Bonds is now located in a 3,300 square-foot office located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. With over nine bail agents who are each dedicated to providing the customer service the industry has lacked for so long, SBB is prepared to make the process as easy as possible for all parties. At any given time, a live agent who is fully equipped to handle all questions or services is available. There is no outsourcing to call centers or transferring of calls. Sanctuary Bail Bonds is also located two blocks away from the downtown jail to be more convenient for clientele.

About Sanctuary Bail Bonds
Sanctuary Bail Bonds, located in Phoenix, offers fast, respectful and discreet bail bond services. SBB guides you through the bail bonds process and through the stressful situation. We are available 24/7 with a professional bail bond agent ready to help. Our fees are fair based on industry standards with interest-free payment arrangements. In an industry that is often characterized as aggressive and unscrupulous, Sanctuary Bail Bonds is the exception to the rule. You don’t have to do this alone. Call 602-224-5247 or visit for more information.