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Phoenix-based Tech Company Expands Locally and Announces New CEO
By Claire Natale - Friday May 14, 2021
OTOjOY, an audio technology company that specializes in hearing accessibility, has had tremendous growth in Arizona since starting in the state 4 years ago. Due to a $25,000 EmergeAZ grant and dedicated customers, OTOjOY has been able to thrive amid the COVID-19 pandemic with the addition of new product offerings and installation of 22 loops across Arizona in churches and community centers such as the Tempe History Museum, Arizona State University, Chandler Sunset Library and Mountain View Baptist Church in Tucson. The company’s hearing loop technology, creates equal access to speech and music and provides enhanced listening experiences by streaming sound wirelessly to people's hearing aids, cochlear implants and smartphones.

OTOjOY’s newest products, counter induction loops and home inductions loops, were developed to expand inclusivity for those with hearing loss. Counter Induction Loops are installed at checkout counters and teller booths, so an individual’s hearing device can pick up what the clerk is saying more clearly. The home Induction Loops elevate the quality of a home sound system. Members of the household with hearing aids can connect with the loop and are able to hear a crisp sound—eliminating the need to keep a TV at a high volume.

To support its tremendous growth, OTOjOY recently announced the appointment of James Rowe as its new chief executive officer. Rowe, who has always been fascinated by human communication, is impassioned to help those who need support to communicate. In his new role, he hopes to reach as many people who live with hearing loss as possible and improve their day-to-day experiences with OTOjOY technology.

“James’ dedication to fostering communication makes him a valued member of our team,” said OTOjOY Founder, Thomas Kaufmann. “This dedication, along with his outstanding customer service leadership, will help us continue to get loops installed in Arizona communities, making it easier for community members with hearing loss to listen better in otherwise noisy, busy or large venues.”

Rowe spent 15 years working in augmentative communication with those who are unable to use natural speech. Since 2015, he has specifically worked with those who live with hearing loss. Rowe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech & Language Therapy from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK and an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK.

“Helping bring loop technology that is widely used in the United Kingdom to the United States has been a rewarding experience,” said Rowe. “I am excited to help those with hearing loss in Arizona’s wonderful communities by getting our loops installed in the places they frequent including their community centers, grocery stores and even within the comfort of their own homes.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is projected that 1 in 4 people will have hearing problems by 2050. OTOjOY works with large event spaces and has the technology to place loops at check-out counters and within individual’s homes. OTOjOY serves diverse community by providing better sound to both those with or without hearing loss, creating an enhanced listening experience and equal access to sound.

For more information, please visit or like OTOjOY on Facebook.