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- Proverbs 3:5-6
December 2023
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Pandia Health Launches in Arizona Offering Prescription Birth Control Telehealth and Delivery
By Lisa Padilla - Tuesday Sep 29, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly reshaping almost every aspect of our lives, including the way healthcare is delivered. While telehealth has been around for many years, the pandemic has greatly accelerated interest and use in the service as a safer, faster, and more convenient healthcare option.

However, getting birth control has been difficult for many women, especially minorities. A June 2020 report from the Guttmacher Institute reported that 29 percent of white women, 38 percent of Black women, and 45 percent of Hispanic women were having a hard time accessing birth control. And in Arizona, almost 500,000 women live in areas without reasonable access to health care centers and nearly 13 percent of Arizona women don’t have health insurance (compared to 11 percent nationwide).

Now, a new birth control telehealth company is rolling out in Arizona with the goal of making life easier and healthier for women. Pandia Health is the only women-founded, women-led, doctor-led birth control delivery company. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2016, the service is now available in Arizona, offering services in English or Spanish, with local physicians operating the state-wide office. The expert and passionate physicians at Pandia Health offer asynchronous online telehealth consultations for birth control prescriptions of the pill, patch, or ring and Pandia Health provides free delivery of the birth control pill by USPS. Asynchronous means that you can fill out the needed information 24/7. It’s roughly 20 questions, the same questions that the physicians would ask you if you came into their offices. All they need is a blood pressure measurement from the past year, a government ID, and a photo.

“Pandia Health brings birth control to wherever you have the Internet and a mailbox,” said Dr. Eve Shapiro, one of Pandia Health’s physicians with more than 30 years of experience, based in Tucson. “I joined Pandia Health because birth control access is an issue throughout Arizona and I want to help women access the care and medicine they need to live a productive and successful life.”

The medical professionals at Pandia Health believe women shouldn't have to worry about running to the pharmacy each month to get the medicine and care they need. Here’s what patients can expect:

• Care from local birth control expert physicians who really understand women’s reproductive/sexual health and the geographical healthcare concerns.
• Convenient, reliable, and confidential asynchronous telehealth for only $20 once a year, wherever you have Internet and a mailbox. No need to wait in line.
• English and Spanish-speaking physicians and patient care advisors.
• Easy and quick online registration and instant online chat (during business hours) with Pandia Health service agents.
• Smart and passionate expert birth control physicians who provide cutting-edge, evidenced-based healthcare, resulting in fewer side effects.
• Never having to worry about running out of birth control again or the stress of trying to pick it up at a pharmacy. #PandiaPeaceOfMind
• Free delivery by USPS.

As the leader of the only physician-led company in birth control delivery, Pandia Health’s CEO/Co-founder Dr. Sophia Yen said, “I’m the only CEO who has taken the Hippocratic Oath. Do No Harm. At Pandia Health, we will always tell you what’s best for your health, even if it doesn’t benefit our bottom line. We don’t want to push products on you that you don’t need, or that aren’t best for you.”

Pandia Health has put together a group of expert birth control physicians and customer service agents passionate about providing excellent care and educating women. In addition to telehealth, they offer Facebook Live chats weekly in Spanish and English and on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time respectively, answering some of the most asked sexual health questions:

To learn more about Pandia Health or how you can get started, visit, email [email protected] or call (650) 437-1213.