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- Proverbs 3:5-6
April 2024
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Paint for a Cure Accepting Applications for $100,000 in Father’s Day Grants
By Claire Natale - Thursday May 18, 2023
Led by a Father Battling ALS Himself, the Grant Program Seeks to Highlight the Financial Burden Families with ALS Face, While Raising Kids

Parenting and battling ALS come with a long list of challenges on their own, but together create even greater trials. Eric Weinbrenner, the founder of Paint for a Cure (an Arizona-based ALS nonprofit), understands this struggle because he lives it every day. The number one reason that he continues to fight against the hurdles of the disease is to be around for his daughter and son.

In honor of Father’s Day this year, Weinbrenner decided to allot up to $100,000 in direct grants for individuals with ALS. From May 16 to June 18, Paint for a Cure will be accepting nominations for fathers battling against the physical and financial burdens that ALS brings. Fathers can apply for a grant themselves or be nominated by family members or friends. Checks will be distributed on and around Father’s Day.

“From one father with ALS to another, I understand the unique challenges, physically, mentally and emotionally, that we encounter every day,” said Weinbrenner. “Due to the support of our incredible donors, we are going to be able to ease financial burdens for fathers – taking a portion of their heavy burdens off their plates.”

When Weinbrenner was first diagnosed, he took to painting to cope with the devastation of his diagnosis, and shortly thereafter formed Paint for a Cure to help others. As his disease rapidly progressed, he shifted from painting with a hand-held paint brush to splatter paint, then using the tread of his wheelchair dipped in paint. The quick progression of his disease in less than 36 months is captured through his shift in technique from 2019 to 2021, when he fully lost his physical mobility. Likewise, Weinbrenner’s perseverance is also shown through his work, demonstrating his drive to live and to also contribute to others.

“I have decided to get a tracheostomy to prolong my life, so I can be here for my kids throughout their childhood in order to guide them and be a positive role model,” said Weinbrenner. “It has been difficult for me, but my kids are my everything, and it's important to be here for them. It saddens me that I can’t raise them like a normal dad can, but I do everything I can to raise them the best way I know how to despite my limitations living with ALS.”

Since 2019, Paint for a Cure has helped more than 90 families across the country with grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. Dads and moms with ALS helped by the nonprofit most often have young children and are at or under middle age, adding additional pressures to an already devastating disease. Through family grants focused on “supporting independence and dignity” for those diagnosed, Paint for a Cure’s grant program stands out as different and unique from other resources available for individuals with ALS by filling the gap by what’s not covered by insurance or supported by other ALS organizations.

To nominate a father with ALS for this assistance, please visit this form.

For more information on Paint for a Cure, please visit Connect with Paint for a Cure on Instagram @PaintForACure and Facebook @PaintForACureALS.

About Paint for a Cure
Paint for a Cure was founded by Phoenix resident Eric Weinbrenner. On November 27th, 2019, the day before Thanksgiving, Eric was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (also known as ALS). After receiving this overwhelming news, he turned to painting to cope. This became a creative outlet to calm his nerves and mind, allowing him to shift his focus from his diagnosis to his art. Eric realized the healing power of creativity and was inspired to start Paint for a Cure. Paint for a Cure lends support to those affected by ALS. Their main goal is to provide medically accessible housing and monetary assistance to ALS patients and their families who cannot afford these necessities. Visit the Paint for a Cure website for more details.