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April 2024
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Outdoor Experience App Brings Interactive Family Games to Papago Park
By Claire Natale - Monday Apr 19, 2021
WishTrip, a leading adventure recording app, recently announced the launch of free interactive games on its app for visitors exploring Phoenix’s Papago Park. The games, designed with COVID-19 protocols in mind, aim to provide families with a memorable experience that combines the virtual world and real park experiences. Arizona is the first market WishTrip has launched in the United States to offer residents this one-of-a-kind experience.

"We wanted to give the people of Arizona something fun and meaningful to do while enjoying the spring weather,” said Bezalel Lenzizky, CEO of WishTrip. “With many families spending more time than usual at home over the past year due to the pandemic, the Papago Park games gives them a way to safely enjoy a fun and educational experience as we begin to venture back outside after having spent more than a year living our lives online.”

The app will guide users through Papago Park with four distinct location-based games that have been developed for different age groups. For ages three through seven, the ‘Desert Explorer’ game consists of fun interactive challenges, which teach kids about the unique nature of the Sonoran Desert. For older kids up to age 12, the ‘Do you have what it takes to be a leader?’ game contains more challenging tasks that relate to leadership qualities of famous Arizonans and leaders that are connected to the state. For teenagers and young adults, the ‘Double Butte Loop Challenge’ takes visitors on a hike through the famous trail with various games and tasks along the way. Lastly, for adults, WishTrip also offers a high-level photo trivia game about state and park history, as well as famous people from Arizona.

Consistent with coronavirus health and safety guidelines, the interactive games facilitate social distance requirements. Additionally, the game trails are kid-friendly, easily walkable and the challenges along the game path keep things interesting.

For more information about the app and the games, visit

About WishTrip
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