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Ninja Focus App Named to Google’s “Apps for Healthy Habits” Collection for Kids
By Carolina Llamas - Thursday Feb 01, 2024
Scottsdale, AZ (January 30, 2024) –Ninja Focus, a mindfulness and mental wellness app for children designed to help them focus, sleep better and reduce anxiety, was handpicked and is being featured by Google as part of its “Apps for Healthy Habits” collection. The collection is designed to support kids’ learning about healthy habits to kick start the new year.

Ninja Focus is a digital mental wellness platform, created for kids and families. It offers digital tools in the form of breathing exercises, guided yoga and meditation, mindfulness, and helps children navigate their emotions, and sleep better.

The decision to include Ninja Focus was made by Google's Kids & Families team, which manages the Teacher Approved Program. To curate the list, Google partnered with Alliance for A Healthier Generation, a leading children’s health organization driven by its mission to ensure that every mind, everybody, and every young person is healthy and ready to succeed.

“Post-pandemic there has been a significant increase in ADHD and anxiety, impacting the mental health of children of all ages. The Ninja Focus app was designed to improve the overall mental well-being of children, improve focus, reduce anxiety, and help them to sleep better,” said Praveen Mamnani, co-founder and CEO of Ninja Focus. “We’re thrilled that Google and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation are recognizing our success and that Ninja Focus can be exposed to even more parents as a learning tool that helps their kids learn healthy habits in this new year.”

Google is featuring Ninja Focus in its Google Play App Store on the Apps home page January 9-15, and on its kids home page January 8-31. The Alliance for A Healthcare Generation is also promoting the Ninja Focus app and the rest of the collection through its network of over 35,000 schools nationwide as part of their mission to promote environments that fosters whole child health equity.

About Ninja Focus:
Ninja Focus is a digital mindfulness and meditation platform, created for children and their families to inspire them to be more focused, compassionate, reduce anxiety, and sleep better. Ninja Focus offers digital tools in the form of breathing exercises, guided yoga and meditation, mindfulness, and helps them navigate their emotions, sleep better, and drive better-eating habits. Ninja Focus app is available for download on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store, with monthly and annual subscription plans for $9.99 and $69.99, respectively. For more information, visit