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New Student Behavior Prediction Software Launches in Arizona Schools
By Melody Pierce - Tuesday Feb 09, 2021
Gnosis IQ is an artificial intelligence software that predicts students’ future performance while providing students, parents, teachers, and administration the ability to intervene and help students who will struggle before it becomes a significant problem. The program syncs with the school's student management system and grade book data and builds a powerful dashboard that is unique to each user.

“Gnosis IQ gives us the opportunity to understand how social-emotional factors relate to and assist in predicting student performance which is a powerful tool for our educators,” said CEO of Gnosis IQ, Ben Smith. “With Gnosis IQ fully implemented, we have the power to transform education, reduce dropout rates and increase online engagement.”

“We took a look at the Gnosis IQ software and realized the massive potential to impact the workload of teachers and our administrators,” said Isaac School District Dr. Mario Ventura. “One of my principals has seen a reduction of eight to 10 hours a week, just in the data he normally compiles.”

The interactive data charts allow administrators to quickly access specific schools and groups of learners. Learner groups are defined as being in a successful, expected, warning, or alert-type state. With students working online and remote due to Covid-19, now more than ever, teachers, parents and administrators need to know what is really going on with each child. This allows educators to help successful students to continue their trend while also discovering at risk students. The dashboards are customized for administrators, principals, teachers and parents/students:

Teachers can monitor student social emotional health cues and are notified when students report at risk behaviors. This proactive feature allows educators to be more in tune with their emotional state of their students which can increase student achievement.

“When I saw you could track a student’s emotional status throughout the day, I immediately saw how I could better support my students,” said former Mesa High School teacher Ashley Zimmerman. “In fact, it made me tear up because a few years ago I lost a student to suicide, and if I would have had this tool, our team might have seen the signs earlier and been able to get that student the appropriate help. It might have saved her life.”

District administrators and principals are provided with Gnosis IQ scoring. The school dashboard also provides an increased perspective toward student and instructor-related data while being restricted to a principal enrolled school building. Gnosis IQ teachers are provided perspective into their classroom performance using the exact same tooling options available to school-level and district-level Gnosis IQ participants.

The student and parent dashboard provides summarized views of the student using similar tooling options to those made available to teacher, school-level, and district-level Gnosis IQ participants. Students may also choose to offer social emotional feedback to Gnosis IQ, which is only accessible by their immediate teacher(s), principal, or district administration. Social emotional feedback is always optional and never required for a student to participate in Gnosis IQ.

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