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Local Tattoo Removal Salon Introduces Patent Pending Method That is Raising the Standard for Treatment Outcomes
By Claire Natale - Friday Mar 04, 2022
Delete Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon, a Valley business serving patients for more than 11 years, has introduced a new, highly-effective patent pending tattoo removal process called the Delete Method®. The salon has revolutionized the traditional laser tattoo removal process with the addition of skin resurfacing treatments to be used every four weeks as opposed to the slower, less effective eight-week industry standard. The Delete Method® is unique in its ability to remove ink, treat common adverse effects from tattooing and tattoo removal, and make it look like your tattoo was never there.

During the research process, Delete found that salons opting for a basic, laser-only approach saw less success in removing all traces of the tattoo. Upping the stakes for competitors, The Delete Method® utilizes Candela’s PicoWay® laser system, and its multi-pulse beam that avoids heating the skin and instead employs a photoacoustic effect. This special laser minimizes common side effects of other laser tattoo removal technology, like scarring, skin lightening (hypopigmentation), burns, and skin darkening (hyperpigmentation.) The PicoWay® laser can also treat all skin types, skin tones and ink colors, trumping lasers used by other salons due to its highly customizable settings. Not solely a laser treatment, the Delete Method® includes skin resurfacing, collagen induction therapy, skin rejuvenation services and an at-home product regimen.

A 2012 Harris Interactive poll found that one in eight American adults who have tattoos regret getting one₁. An Ipsos poll from 2019 found that at least 30% of all Americans, regardless of age, have at least one tattoo₂. As people age and accumulate life experiences, from ending relationships to starting a new job, those sporting ink may desire to shed their past and make room for new beginnings. Common reasons for removal include wanting to erase the name of an ex-partner, poor art quality and changed attitudes towards a tattoo’s meaning.

“A common reason why many tattoo removal treatments fail is the neglect of addressing your skin from a holistic viewpoint,” said Marci White, Owner of Delete Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon. “Ink may be removed, but a scar in the shape of the tattoo is still present on the skin, which we frequently correct at Delete. Our expert team considered the integrity of skin in developing the Delete Method®, and we offer a multi-faceted approach to our patients’ treatment plan for this reason.”

The Delete Method® can be used on a variety of tattoo-related skin conditions and situations, including tattoo lightening for cover-up artwork and permanent makeup removal.

The Delete Method® will be available for patients looking for a fresh start at Delete Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon’s Phoenix and Chandler locations.

For more information about the Delete Method® and the other transformative cosmetic services offered by Delete Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon, visit

About Delete Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon
A woman-owned business serving clients of all skin tones and textures, Delete Tattoo Removal & Medical Salon was founded by industry expert Marci White in 2010. White’s successful ventures in the nonprofit and healthcare industries led her to focus on an inclusive approach to tattoo removal. The salon has over 11 years of experience in correcting tattoo-related pigmentation issues, scarring, and a variety of other cosmetic services. Delete’s latest innovation, the Delete Method®, a tattoo removal method (patent pending) that provides superior tattoo removal results, faster.
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