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"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
- Proverbs 3:5-6
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Local Retiree Fulfills Lifelong Dream with Debut Novel “The Chosen’s Calling”
By Michelle Talsma Everson - Thursday Jun 11, 2020
Not everyone has the chance to cross major dreams off of their bucket list, but when Gaila Kline-Hobson published her debut novel “The Chosen’s Calling” after a 40-year teaching career, she did just that.

Kline-Hobson retired to Arizona in 2016 after four decades of teaching, where she shared a love of literature, reading and writing with students in Missouri, Oklahoma, and – for 25 years – in Anchorage, Alaska. In addition to her education career, she also raised three sons.

“Writing has always been a passion and many students, colleagues, and friends told me I should write a book. The demands of teaching and rearing my own children pushed that idea onto my bucket list,” Kline-Hobson shares. “After retiring to Arizona from the career I loved, I found myself pondering a story topic I’d never read any other book about: why young people die. Many months of research, writing, and revisions resulted in my dream coming true: my debut novel.”

“The Chosen’s Calling” is a spiritual fantasy centered around the daunting question, “Why do young people die?” The story revolves around three teens as they transition from their earthly lives to fulfilling their true destinies. The youths come from different family backgrounds and faiths, have different passions and gifts, and died differently, but all have been chosen to become angel warriors and fight evil in the universe. They become masters of character virtues as they overcome the challenges on the Trail of Caring. Arduous training and divine gifts prepare them for comfort visits to their families and their first mission to fight evil.

“’The Chosen’s Calling’ showcases how different faiths have many commonalities,” Kline-Hobson says. “Quotes from many faiths and spiritual leaders are woven into the story, as well as interesting facts about a number of things. A lot of general knowledge can come from good stories.”

“I have never read a fictional book about the reason why young people die, but I have known a number of people who have faced the death of a child,” Kline-Hobson continues. “I’ve also known students who lost a sibling or a parent. I prayed about it every day. At times, I felt driven to tell the story. I hope it can help people who live with this lifelong grief. Sometimes we all encounter people that are in the throes of grief. Hopefully, this story builds empathy and gives comfort. I hope it’s emotionally captivating for everyone. There are plenty of commonalities among different faiths. People are really more alike than they are different.”

“The Chosen’s Calling” took about two years to complete and was published by Amazon. Early reception of the novel has been positive. Jennifer Rees, editor of “The Hunger Games,” shares “Your book really stands out to me as so amazing. I will remember it for a long time to come!” Kline-Hobson is already working on a sequel.

“The Chosen’s Calling” is available in digital and paperback format at

Readers can keep updated on Kline-Hobson’s work by following along on Facebook @gailaklinehobson and Instagram @gailahobson. Her official website is