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"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
- Proverbs 3:5-6
April 2024
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Local Author Releases Second Book in Popular Fantasy Series
By Michelle Talsma Everson - Monday Aug 09, 2021
Just ten months after Gaila Kline-Hobson fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming an author, she released the second book in her spiritual fantasy series, “Power to Light the Way.”

“The story revolves around teenagers who have died and gone to Heaven,” Kline-Hobson shares. “Several new teen warriors and one new trainer join Dina, Jo, Gabe, and Bruno in this story. Coming from vastly different family structures and faiths, and with different passions and gifts, the new characters meld with the original cast of characters.”

In the newest book in the series, the characters overcome differences to become a warrior team fighting evil in the universe and fulfilling their destinies. This second novel expands upon character relationships, the team’s adventures, and even the backstory of a beloved character from the first book.

“I believe the story is a combination of touching, humorous, gut-wrenching, and uplifting,” Kline-Hobson says. “Many have told me that they both laughed and cried as they read it.”

Kline-Hobson started writing the books after she retired from a 40-year teaching career, finding encouragement to chase her dream from her husband and close friends. In the early stages of pursuing her goal to become an author, she started to build a story around a topic that she says she knew would resonate with many readers.

One thing that remains when a young person dies is the questions. Questions about why, and questions about what comes next. The universe Kline-Hobson created in her books is designed to comfort and reassure to those going through the grieving process. Through understanding and hope, the healing process is able to begin.

“I had been pondering a topic but wasn’t sure it would be of interest: a fiction story attempting to explain why young people die and give comfort and hope to those left behind,” Kline-Hobson shares. “I, nor anyone I surveyed, had ever read a book revolving around that theme so I decided to tackle it.”

“Power to Light the Way” was published just ten months after “The Chosen’s Calling,” with both books receiving positive feedback from readers.

“My goal was to write stories that are the antithesis of dystopian society literature that has become so prevalent and to make my books inclusive for people of all faiths,” she says. “I have incorporated quotes from many holy books and spiritual leaders to show how we are all more alike than different. Although the books are the first two in a series, they are stories that can be read separately and have satisfying endings, so the reader is not left dangling.”

Kline-Hobson isn’t slowing down, already nearing the completion of the third novel in the series. The untitled book includes new divine gifts for the team and a harrowing trip to fight the forces of evil.

“Power to Light the Way” is available in digital and paperback format Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and independent booksellers.

To learn more about Kline-Hobson, visit her official website at To follow the latest news and updates, join the Facebook group "The Chosen’s Calling" or follow Gaila Kline-Hobson directly on Instagram @gailahobson.