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- Proverbs 3:5-6
December 2023
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Intel Showcases Dedication to Arizona Communities in 2022 RISE Report
By Mayra Vasquez - Friday Jul 01, 2022
Intel Corporation, Arizona’s largest technology manufacturer, has unveiled its progress towards achieving its 2030 companywide goals of responsible, inclusive, and sustainable business practices in its 2022 RISE Report. According to the report, steps taken by Intel to achieve these goals have had a large impact on Arizona communities through local purchasing, charitable donations and volunteerism, investments in equity, water restoration, and many other ways.

One area of focus in the 2022 RISE Report is the advancement of responsible business practices; Intel aims to further grow Arizona’s economy by continuing its investment in Arizona, announcing last year a $20 billion investment to manufacture two new fabs at Intel’s Ocotillo campus.

“At Intel, we recognize the community impact our presence has and are eager to expand our operations right here in Chandler,” said Liz Shipley, Public Affairs Director at Intel. “We understand that every decision we make as a company has an opportunity to make a positive impact, as investing in our local economy and communities is at the foundation of Intel’s operations.”

In addition to the focus on responsible business operations, Intel is striving to ensure current and future workforces accurately reflect the diverse makeup of Arizona and the country. Intel is working to make careers in technology inclusive and accessible through unique partnerships, such as with Maricopa Community Colleges to launch a new semiconductor manufacturing Quick Start program to inspire a new pipeline of diverse talent into the technical workforce. Intel is also supporting diverse businesses outside of its own organization, with the goal to increase annual spending with diverse suppliers to $2 billion worldwide, having spent $73 million with diverse-certified Arizona businesses in 2021.

Continued sustainability practices at Intel are also at the forefront of its RISE Strategy, as Intel aspires to be a global leader in sustainability while enabling customers and others to reduce their environmental footprint through responsible actions and technology. In 2021, Intel returned and restored approximately 95% of Arizona freshwater use to local communities and watersheds, through Intel’s water management practices and project investments.

“Conserving and restoring water use will continue to be a high priority for Intel, especially as we continue to navigate Arizona’s prolonged drought. Our ultimate goal of achieving net positive water use by 2030 ensures we are taking the steps needed to protect one of our most precious resources,” added Shipley.

Intel’s final focus is on enabling and accelerating progress through technology and the expertise and passion of Intel employees. Intel believes that the health of our community depends on an increasingly inclusive community of innovators prepared for the jobs of the future. Intel is dedicated to collaborating with others to broaden access to opportunity, support community needs, and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Key figures announced in the 2022 RISE Report include:
- $8.6 billion – Intel’s estimated annual economic impact, based on 2019 data
- $7.2 billion – Intel’s spending in 2021 with Arizona-based organizations
- $73 million – Intel’s direct spending with diverse-certified Arizona businesses in 2021
- 3.1 billion – Gallons of water conserved by Intel Arizona in 2021, enough to supply close to 59,000 Arizona residents for one year.
- 1,000+ – Arizona teachers, schools, and nonprofit causes supported in 2021 by Intel and their employees, who volunteered more than 65,000 hours in the community.
To understand how Intel’s RISE strategy will influence Intel in Arizona, please visit