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Gnosis IQ Is Now 100% Free for Schools
By Claire Natale - Wednesday Jun 15, 2022
Gnosis IQ, an Arizona-based artificial intelligence software that predicts and tracks students’ academic and emotional wellness, is now 100% free for schools and all its users.

As an academic and emotional reporting tool, the creators of Gnosis IQ have seen the increased need for supporting students’ emotional wellness and recognize it is important for all students to be able to access a program like this. The team at Gnosis IQ is committed to improving the emotional and academic success of students across the country but understands that educational budget concerns within schools may affect the availability to access this program.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a mental health crisis within children that is still present today. More children than ever before have experienced an increase in mental health challenges, teen suicides, and academic learning loss over the past two years. In addition to the mental health crisis, many schools have been struggling financially and may not have the resources to support students both academically and emotionally.

“I firmly believe that the cost of a product should not factor into its availability to students,” said Ben Smith, the CEO and founder of Gnosis IQ. “This is why we are proud to offer schools with a free resource that will allow students to receive the emotional and academic help they may need.”

Gnosis IQ was designed to support students and make sure they are getting the help they need early on. Rather than the students needing to ask for help, the Gnosis IQ system allows for self-reporting and prompts the appropriate support staff to engage with the students when concerns are detected. Often adolescents feel uncomfortable asking for emotional help because they are worried about what others will think.

The Gnosis IQ program was also developed to expose learning loss and increase academic engagement. The easy-to-use interface allows administrators, teachers, and parents to quickly determine where academic help is needed and empowers students with details about their current and predicted future academic performance. This online platform provides teachers with the opportunity to understand their students’ needs in a time-saving manner and how social emotional factors relate to and assist in predicting student performance.

To support the academic and emotional wellness of students, Gnosis IQ created a community partnership program that enables businesses to give back to the community by supporting students and positively impacting the social emotional learning challenges schools are facing.

For more information about Gnosis IQ, please visit

About Gnosis IQ

Gnosis IQ is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that predicts and tracks student success and empowers social emotional wellbeing of students. The software predicts students’ future performance while providing students, parents, teachers, and administration the ability to intervene and help students who will struggle before it becomes a significant problem. The program syncs with the school’s student management system and grade book data and builds a powerful dashboard that is unique to each user. For more information, visit or call 480-448-6337.