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Gnosis IQ Forms New Partnership to Support Mental Health
By Claire Natale - Tuesday Nov 29, 2022
Gnosis IQ, an Arizona-based artificial intelligence software that predicts and tracks student success and empowers the social emotional well-being of students, is excited to announce a new partnership with the nonprofit organizations notMYkid and Death2Life that will provide Arizona teens with immediate access to the mental health resources they need, specifically emotional support services.

As a student social-emotional software program, Gnosis IQ leverages academic research, artificial intelligence, and educator insight to support the holistic success of K-12 students. Gnosis IQ allows teachers, administrators, and parents to know how students perform academically and their emotional wellness state of mind through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at any given time through individualized dashboards.

In response to today's youth's current mental health crisis, notMYkid and Death2Life will combine their efforts to provide 24/7 emotional peer mentoring to Arizona teens. Both organizations have a similar vision of finding innovative ways to assist struggling youth. This impact will be amplified with the integration of Gnosis IQ to relieve some of the burden caused by a shortage of counselors and emotional support specialists on school campuses.

If teens need to talk to someone immediately and after hours, they will have access to a Death2Life counselor through notMYkid's [I]nspired program app. The [I]nspired Peer Program connects youth with a certified peer support specialist who can help them to navigate life stressors, challenging emotions, and issues with mental health and substance abuse disorders. The notMYkid Peer Support team will also share the Death2Life resources with the teens they help.

In addition, Death2Life will include a link to the notMYkid [I]nspired Peer Support program screening form on their website and will refer Arizona-based teens who reach out to them to the notMYkid resources for personalized longer-term help. The peer counselors at notMYkid and Death2Life will have access to the individuals' Gnosis IQ dashboards to gain a better understanding of what they are going through academically and emotionally.

"We are extremely excited to be partnering with notMYkid," said Mario D'Ortenzio, president of Death2Life. "What they're doing is frontline stuff, and we are honored to be helping from the mental health perspective. We look forward to seeing the positive impact we'll have by working together."

Through the Gnosis IQ software, students will be provided access to the notMYkid and Death2Life peer support services. Gnosis IQ's self-reported student emotional data will automatically recommend that students talk with a peer specialist when various social-emotional risks are detected. In all cases, when a Gnosis IQ student connects with a peer specialist, the system will automatically notify the appropriate school contacts to aid students in every way possible.

"Partnering with Gnosis IQ means that we have a way to find youth who need support and may otherwise go unnoticed," said Dawna Allington, the director of Peer Programs at notMYkid. "My hope is that the software Gnosis IQ provides will find the individuals who would not otherwise ask for help and allow us the opportunity to assist them."

“We are excited to forge this unique partnership with notMYkid and Death2Life,” said Ben Smith, the CEO and founder of Gnosis IQ. “We launched Gnosis IQ in Arizona in 2020 to address the social-emotional learning (SEL) challenges impacting millions of students across the country. With our expansion into seven school districts serving over 150,000 students, teachers, administrators, and families and expansion opportunities coming at us daily from across the country, we see the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside notMYkid as a great fit and one that will enable us to accomplish our mutual goals in a much easier fashion."

For more information about Gnosis IQ and its partnership with notMYkid and Death2Life, please visit

About Gnosis IQ:

Gnosis IQ is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that predicts and tracks student success and empowers the social emotional well-being of students. The software predicts students' future performance while providing students, parents, teachers, and administration the ability to intervene and help students who will struggle before it becomes a significant problem. The program syncs with the school's student management system and grade book data and builds a powerful dashboard that is unique to each user. For more information, visit or call 480-430-3894.

About notMYkid:

notMYkid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides children and families with truly lifesaving programs, support, resources, and education. The mission of notMYkid is to inspire positive life choices, promote youth mental health, and assist youth, families, and schools through our prevention and behavioral health programs. Since our nonprofit was founded by Steve and Debbie Moak in 2000, we have served throughout Arizona and maintain a national reach with our expertise surrounding youth substance use, trauma, mental health, Internet safety, bullying, and suicide prevention to help youth overcome challenges and be their healthiest and happiest, whole self. For more information, visit

About Death2Life:

Death2Life is a worldwide nonprofit organization that exists for the emotionally hurt, physically abused, and spiritually struggling youth of the world. The mission of Death2Life is to reach the hopeless, hurting and suicidal with love, hope, and healing. For more information, visit