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"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
- Proverbs 3:5-6
April 2024
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Garden Goddess Ferments Flourishes as Phoenix's Premier Fermented Foods Company
By Michelle Talsma Everson - Thursday Apr 27, 2023
Garden Goddess Ferments, a woman-owned fermented foods company based in Phoenix, is experiencing continued growth and success. Founded by Suzette Smith, the company specializes in producing high-quality beet kvass and three unique sauerkraut flavors, allowing it to carve out a strong presence in the fermented foods market. Since its inception in 2015 with just $40,000 in sales, the company has seen a significant increase in revenue, to $510,000 in 2022.

"From soil to seed, I have stuck to the basics when it comes to food, and I believe in natural healing,” says Suzette Smith, founder of Garden Goddess Ferments. “I am thrilled by the growth we've experienced so far and am eager to continue providing top-quality fermented foods to our customers across the country."

Garden Goddess Ferments has broadened its reach and is now available in five states across the country, including Arizona, Southern California, Las Vegas, Utah, Chicago, and Texas. Additionally, the brand is the leading seller of beet kvass on Amazon, further cementing its position in the market.

"Absolutely love what these foods have done for my digestive health and energy levels,” says recurring customer Sandy Young. “I rarely have sugar cravings too and couldn’t be more thankful for products that are so wonderful for my health.

The company's products can be found in various stores, such as AJ's Fine Foods, Basha's, Mothers Market, Jimbos, Frasier Farms as well as her website

Last year, Garden Goddess Ferments saw a 35% return rate for customers, with a remarkable 150% return rate for those who placed multiple orders between April 5, 2022, and April 5, 2023. With fermented food sales at local farmers markets up by 23% and online sales up 30% since 2018, the company is positioned to be the first nationally recognized beet kvass manufacturer in the United States.

Raised on a farm in rural Georgia, Smith credits her early exposure to garden-to-table cuisine for her success. She is dedicated to giving back to the community and has remained committed to keeping a special needs labor force as part of her team by collaborating with organizations like SARRC and Civitan's adult employment program. As a published author, Smith has also made a serious push to reach younger generations through her book Sasha and Sheila, B, C and Dill by incorporating a DIY ferment in the book. She has embraced the curiosity of the home fermenter and regularly holds classes in the community to teach others her skills.

Looking ahead, Garden Goddess Ferments aims to maintain its growth trajectory, with plans to go national and make her beet kvass, called Pickup The Beet, a common household name. Smith also remains committed to her mission of bringing awareness to fermented foods and nurturing her community.

For more information about Garden Goddess Ferments and their products, visit