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"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
- Proverbs 3:5-6
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Esperança Takes Bold Step Forward as the Newly Rebranded Organization “Advance—Partnering for Healthy Communities”
By Rayna Burgett - Wednesday May 03, 2023
(PHOENIX, Ariz.—May 1, 2023)—Now in its sixth decade, nonprofit organization Esperança is embarking on a new journey to better reflect the breadth of their health services and their vision of health equity for everyone. As an organization that provides health resources to underserved communities across the globe, the nonprofit is reintroducing themselves to the next generation and solidifying who they are today, allowing them to reach new audiences. The organization will now be known as Advance, announcing its rebranding on May 1, 2023.

Having come a long way since its founding in 1970, Advance aims to re-introduce itself to the world with a new name and mission statement that clearly states their mission today—to not only provide hope for underserved communities, but advance them through tangible, sustainable progress toward optimal health. This includes providing healthy meals, improving access to safer drinking water, teaching sustainable agricultural practices and much more.

When the organization was originally founded, they worked only in Brazil, addressing the specific issue of immunization of childhood diseases that had long been eradicated in the U.S—hence, the name “Esperança” which translates to “hope” in Portuguese. Today, this name and overall branding focuses too narrowly on the nonprofit’s origin story and does not reflect the evolution of the services offered, or the greater overall mission.

Advance better represents the future of the organization as an Arizona-based nonprofit that focuses on strengthening underserved Latino communities in Phoenix and surrounding areas in the Valley, while continuing to improve health in Nicaragua, Mozambique, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and Ecuador—providing the best support and resources it can offer to meet community needs.

“As the organization evolved over time and became more expansive in underserved Latino communities here in Phoenix, the organization transitioned beyond our origin story, and we felt that the brand ‘Esperança’ no longer adequately told our story for today and the future” says Jeri Royce, president and CEO of Advance. “Our donors, many of whom have been by our side for more than 50 years, recognize the positive changes they have helped us provide to the community—and have encouraged and supported our desire to move forward in this way.”

In addition to embracing new visual components of the brand, including its logo, website and online content, Advance will also be introducing some innovative programs, including a food pantry where nutrition class participants are given food boxes containing healthy, culturally appropriate substitutions for common regularly eaten items. For example, the packages will provide healthier alternatives such as brown rice instead of white rice, and olive oil instead of lard. This program is just one way the organization is not only providing hope in the classroom, but taking it one step further by actually providing healthier food to advance class participants’ wellbeing.

Continuing their focus on what the community needs and updating their branding to reflect those needs, Advance has adopted the new tagline, “Partnering for Healthy Communities.”

“I have had the privilege of serving on the board of directors for the past six years. I have seen first-hand the focus on strengthening the organization’s programs and services, and most importantly, the positive impact it has made on communities worldwide,” says Mistie Weishaar, board chair of Advance. “Even with witnessing only a fraction of the organization’s evolution over the past five decades, I can say with confidence that Advance and its future programs are truly representative of the organization and its focus on partnering for healthy communities. I am thrilled with the overwhelming support from our current donors and board members and am looking forward to seeing future innovations of the organization and the communities it serves.”

About Advance
Advance has been dedicated to transforming lives and communities since its inception in 1970. Formerly known as Esperança, Advance works to build optimal health within underserved communities across the globe. Their work includes providing life altering surgeries and medical treatment, health education, food security, disease prevention, and access to clean water in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mozambique, Peru, and Mexico. Advance also strengthens underserved Latino communities across Maricopa County through programs such as oral health, chronic disease prevention and management, nutrition education, and healthy meal delivery. With the vision of health equity for everyone, the Phoenix-based nonprofit is dedicated to advancing communities and helping under-resourced children, adults, and seniors live sustainable and fulfilling lives. For more information, please visit