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Equality Health Foundation Expands Reach to Virginia and Louisiana
By Claire Natale - Thursday Apr 18, 2024
Equality Health Foundation, the philanthropic partner of Equality Health LLC and an organization dedicated to advancing health equity and improving well-being access for underserved communities, proudly announces its expansion into Virginia and Louisiana. The nonprofit is currently serving residents and communities in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, in addition to the new markets. This announcement reinforces Equality Health LLC’s commitment to expand availability of its value-based care programs in these states and represents a significant step forward in the Foundation’s mission to address health disparities and promote inclusive healthcare practices across historically marginalized populations. With the expansion, Equality Health Foundation will bring community-based health and well-being programs to Virginia and Louisiana, including health festivals, college scholarship collaboratives, well-child and maternal health programs, and well-being initiatives.

The Equality Health Foundation collaborates with local nonprofits, health plans, providers, and other community partners, serving as a powerful vehicle for community impact and fostering healthier communities where individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status or geographic location have access to well-being resources and comprehensive, whole-person care. Equality Health LLC has committed to supporting expanding the work of its Foundation in each new market it serves.

“Expanding into Virginia and Louisiana is an important milestone as we continue our efforts to advance health equity and well-being in underserved communities,” said Tomás León, president of Equality Health Foundation. “We look forward to working alongside local organizations and community leaders to implement innovative solutions that improve healthcare access and outcomes for all.”

A new report conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University reveals deep and consistent health disparities in the state, and that a person’s race, ethnicity and address are major predictors of dying prematurely. Data revealed that two-thirds of all premature deaths in Northern Virginia between 2015-2019 were avoidable, including deaths from certain cancers, heart disease, injuries, alcohol and drugs and diabetes. With lifestyle changes, screenings, immunizations, or better medical treatments, many deaths of this nature could be averted.

The Foundation is equally invested in addressing significant health disparities in Louisiana, which ranks 49th in children’s overall health and well-being. The Black community (which comprises 34% of the state’s population), reports a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma, influenza and pneumonia than their white counterparts.

“We recognize the importance of addressing the root causes of health disparities and increasing equitable access to healthcare and well-being resources,” stated León. “Together with our partner organization, Equality Health LLC, we are committed to building an inclusive health ecosystem.”

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About Equality Health Foundation
Established in 2019, Equality Health Foundation envisions a world of vibrant and inclusive communities where all individuals have the opportunity to live healthier and longer lives. A bold vision like this cannot be accomplished alone and requires extensive collaboration across local communities around the country to level the playing field and make a sustainable and transformative change—a movement for advancing equal access to health and well-being for all.

About Equality Health LLC
Equality Health is a technology-enabled primary care platform that leverages the proven capabilities of value-based payment models to transform healthcare for diverse and often marginalized populations. From predictive modeling to advanced care-tracking tools, utilizing Equality Health’s proprietary software, participating PCPs can streamline value-based administration and stay one step ahead of a patient’s journey. Equality Health’s care model is Medicaid-first in design, partnering with over 3,200 PCPs and 700,000 lives across AZ, TX, TN, LA and VA. Equality Health partners with practices to close care gaps, optimize performance, increase compliance, and improve profitability. Members engage with holistic and personalized programs delivered through the lens of social and cultural needs. Equality Health is revolutionizing how care is delivered by establishing critical linkages with payers, providers, members, and community resources.