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"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
- Proverbs 3:5-6
April 2024
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Enchantment Resort Announces the Opening of Trail House, a Hub for Outdoor Adventure
By Lisa Padilla - Friday Oct 16, 2020
The newly opened Trail House at Enchantment Resort emerged from the vision of owners (and sisters) Tracy Tang Limpe and Dana Tang to heighten the engagement between guests and the remarkable natural setting of Boynton Canyon, one of Sedona’s most beautiful and spiritual box canyons. “Trail House acts as a gateway to the landscape and environment, culture and history of the area,” says Dana Tang, of Gluckman Tang Architects, the building’s architect. “It stands both in honor and in celebration of this place.”

An epicenter for outdoor adventure, exploration and learning, Trail House serves as the gathering point for resort guests interested in active exploration — through hiking or mountain biking — of the nearly 400 miles of trails and red rock vistas that are unique to Sedona. Whether they are novices or experts, guests will find their time on the trails elevated by Enchantment’s seasoned guides, many of whom have spent years working with the National Forest Service to chart, preserve and build the trails. In addition to their in-depth knowledge of the terrain, the guides infuse explorations with insights into the geology, wildlife and heritage of the region. “Through the programs we offer and the passion of our dedicated guides, Trail House promotes a spirit of adventure and self-discovery while showcasing the area’s natural gifts,” says Tang Limpe. “Our guests will come away feeling enriched, connected, and with a sense of accomplishment.”

The New York-based firm and honoree in the 2020 Architectural Digest AD 100, also designed the award-winning Mii amo, a destination spa, which opened at Enchantment Resort in 2001. An expansion of Mii amo including new amenities and accommodations is underway.

Tang, an avid mountain biker, was inspired by her time riding in the area to design and build the best guiding and bike shop in the region - a soulful destination for anyone wanting to experience the trails. “You have to ride in Sedona to understand how meaningful and enriching the experience can be,” says Tang.

With a previously existing path running directly through the building, Trail House acts as both a destination and a point of interest along the trail. The centerpiece of Trail House is the Map Room, a space dedicated to introducing guests to the region’s dramatic trails and geology, diverse flora and fauna, and Native American culture and history. The room features a twelve-foot video wall, a 3D topographic map table and a wall map that highlights more than fifty trails to explore nearby. Tang designed the space like an art gallery in which, she says, “the art is Boynton Canyon and the trails themselves.”

The 4,000 square-foot building’s palette of pigmented concrete floors, adobe brick and red rock-inspired stucco walls anchors Trail House in the landscape. “Latillas,” peeled pine logs that are a common building material in the Southwest, create a trellised roof weaving the interior and exterior together.

Designed around existing topography and trees, Trail House touches lightly on the landscape. Native trees and plantings that could not be preserved in place were saved and re-planted around the building. Natural water catchment areas, or “bio-sponges,” offer protection from flooding and prevent destructive erosion during hard rains. Guests enter the building via a bridge over a “bio-sponge,” allowing them to appreciate this natural feature.

To support the long-term preservation of the canyon’s trails and ecosystems, Enchantment Resort created the Boynton Canyon Foundation (BCF). The resort allocates a portion of the profits from each guided hiking and mountain biking adventure to the fund.

The culmination of several years of discussion, exploration, design and construction, Trail House is now open daily year-round for the enjoyment of Enchantment Resort guests. “Our favorite vacations growing up were in places where there was a discovery to make or a challenge to conquer—something that enriched, even changed, our lives,” says Tang Limpe. “Dana and I are excited for guests from around the world to experience Sedona and beautiful Boynton Canyon in this meaningful way.”

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By Jaclyn Webb