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Disaster Responder Assets Network Offers Mental Health Support to Healthcare Professionals and First Responders During Covid-19
By Lisa Padilla - Tuesday Apr 28, 2020
As first line responders continue to put their lives on the line in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, The Disaster Responder Assets Network, a nonprofit organization is hosting free and confidential online support groups via Zoom for front line Healthcare Professionals and First Responders directly involved with the COVID-19 pandemic around the country.

Led by front line responders trained in Peer Support, the groups are open to any front line responder and healthcare professional directly involved with the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization has a comprehensive team leading these trainings and is collaborating with other non-profit organizations including The First Responder Support Network and The Code 9 Project.

“This crisis is taking a tremendous toll on front line responders in a way we have never seen before. In most critical incidents, responders don’t have the added worry about bringing the event home to their family,” said DRAN Executive Director Nathan Schlitz “In addition to the threat to their own lives on the job, they are putting their families at home at risk or, in some cases, are isolated from their families. This all takes a tremendous emotional toll.”

The Disaster Responder Assets Network is also offering online training to a wide range of mental health professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, members of the clergy and others who want to provide their services to our nation’s front line responders and health care professionals. These trainings provide clinicians with guidance on how to best treat mental health issues in front line responders.

“Our front line responders need emotional support now. Many have been on the front lines for weeks and months and are experiencing clinical signs of exhaustion, anxiety, burnout and fatigue,” said DRAN Founder Nataly Kuznetsov. “Unfortunately, the reality is that these brave men and women who are putting their lives at risk for all of us will need help dealing with posttraumatic stress injury (PTSI) for many months and possibly years to come.”

To learn more about the online support groups, online training for mental health professionals and other resources, click here

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Disaster Responder Assets Network, click here

Ms. Kuznetsov became a trauma nurse after her personal experience as a critically injured patient. She has worked in nursing positions across the trauma care continuum including transport (ground and air), emergency, and critical care. She is master’s prepared and board certified in Emergency (CEN), Critical Care (CCRN), Trauma (TCRN) and Flight (CFRN) nursing and also holds advanced practice certification as an Adult–Gero Clinical Nurse Specialist (ACCNS–AG).

About Disaster Responder Assets Network:

The Disaster Responder Assets Network is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support emergency responders. Donations support training and free online support groups to the first responders and healthcare professionals on the front line battling the COVID-19 crisis. With additional funding, DRAN would be able to expand the training in order to help even more front line responders.

By Patricia Jones