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Arizona Based Clinical Laboratories, Paradigm and Prorenata, Collaborate to Address Testing Deficiencies For COVID-19
By Lisa Padilla - Monday Mar 30, 2020
Arizona-based Laboratories, Paradigm and Prorenata, with offices in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson have collaborated to address the lack of Covid-19 testing across the country. After much scientific study and testing, they have created a CDC/FDA test for the Coronavirus, which can produce results in less than 24 hours.

Paradigm and Prorenata engaged bioSyntagma to develop a unique diagnostic assay securing a supply chain that will enable them to obtain materials needed for testing on a massive scale. The companies have also been conferring with state and county health officials throughout Arizona.

The laboratory’s roles are test development, validation, clinical testing and resulting. Medical professionals in government facilities and the private sector will be able to send Paradigm and Prorenata patient samples for testing. All tests will be done in their Arizona labs with results sent back to the providers, patients and appropriate agencies.

Testing is available to all first line responders whether it be medical professionals, hospitals, clinics or labs, while also enabling employers to purchase and provide testing to their employees across the country. Demand is abundant and thousands of samples will be arriving to Paradigm and Prorenata Laboratories in the coming days.

Paradigm and Prorenata have validated numerous test kits so they can accept samples typically run on alternate instrumentation to assist other organizations with overflow or patient backlog. In addition, they have also obtained a dedicated supply chain enabling them to provide mass quantities of kits immediately without delay.

The collective labs are increasing testing capacity exponentially and expect to process 700 tests per day beginning on Monday. In the following week they will be able to process 2,500 tests per day and by the end of April will be processing 8,000 tests per day.

“We are fortunate to have developed the right technology at the right time. More importantly, we need to get to work immediately as we prepare to help our nation take on Coronavirus crisis head on,” said Ethan C. Sasz, President of Paradigm.

Paradigm and Prorenata Laboratories are high-complexity laboratories that pride themselves on not just providing better healthcare, but a better healthcare experience. For more information go to Or

By Mike Sunnucks