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December 2023
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ALZpath Inc., an Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostics and Patient Services Company Announces Novel Validated and Scalable Assay for Detection of Phosphorylated Tau 217 in Blood
By Alison M Walsh - Thursday Dec 29, 2022
ALZpath, Inc. recently announced the launch of its first diagnostic assay for detection of phosphorylated tau 217 (pTau217) in blood. pTau217 is widely considered to be one of the leading transformative Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnostic biomarkers by enabling earlier and more accurate AD diagnoses, better stratifying patients for clinical trials, and improving patient outcomes and care. ALZpath is actively working with a wide network of early access collaborators to further develop clinical evidence across diverse patient populations.

ALZpath’s pTau217 assay in blood offers a simple and cost-effective approach to diagnosis, which is less invasive than current testing methods. The ALZpath pTau217 assay is validated and available now for research studies and clinical trials and will be available for clinical use as a laboratory developed test in early 2023.

“This marks a major milestone in the availability of scalable accessible tools for research, clinical trials, and clinical use,” said Andreas Jeromin, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at ALZpath.

ALZpath was founded in 2020 and is a privately held company. The company’s mission is to transform the Alzheimer’s disease ecosystem by advancing patient care, clinical trials, and research by integrating novel blood-based and other biomarkers, clinical assessment tools, and care solutions. ALZpath has assembled an experienced management team and world-renowned advisory board.

ALZpath recently presented analytical and initial clinical performance data for this novel accessible and scalable assay for pTau217 in blood at the Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) Conference in San Francisco. The ALZpath leadership team is available for phone or email interviews.

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About ALZpath
ALZpath was founded in 2020 with the mission of transforming the Alzheimer’s disease ecosystem. ALZpath is a passionate and focused group of medical researchers, healthcare professionals and renowned scientific advisors dedicated to transforming the Alzheimer’s disease ecosystem through earlier diagnosis, interventions and personalized treatment related to biomarkers, and therapy to improve outcomes for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. For more information, please visit

Investor contact:
Jacob Hunter
Vice President, Business and Corporate Development
Email: [email protected]